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When individuals and small businesses in the Washington,  D.C. area need a law firm that best represents their interests, they choose Haberer  Law. Led by Adam A. Haberer, Esq., the boutique law firm specializes in  a wide range of legal services, including adoption, criminal law, alimony,  employment, child custody, and personal injury. Certified to practice by the  American Bar Association, the California Bar Association, and the District of  Columbia Bar Association (with focuses on Family Law and Civil Litigation),  Haberer has provided legal expertise for clients for nearly 10 years.Placing client satisfaction above all else is Haberer Law's mission.  The firm's policy of open communication ensures each client has a thorough  understanding of his or her case, as well as the steps the attorney is taking  to secure the best possible outcome for the client. By providing comprehensive  legal support, a comforting atmosphere, and personalized solutions for  individuals and companies alike, Haberer Law prepares their clients to take on  the challenge of moving through the legal system - but never alone. Haberer Law practices in the area of family law, criminal  defense, litigation, small business formation, and more. To reach the firm of Haberer Law, visit the practice online  and call (202) 403-2302 during  business hours. Keep up with the law firm on-the-go by the lawyers on Twitter.
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1629 K Street N.W. Suite 300, Washington, District of Columbia, United States, 20006
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