ANXIETY DEPRESSION OCD GAD ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION REMOVED:Here is the real deal by author Nick James. Any and all emotional problems can be removed sometimes within minutes of using the GUARDIAN RELEASE method. This method is being used successfully to treat many of todays phycological problems, using a little known natural way of releasing negative energy in the body's nervous system. It does so without the need for medication of any kind, and can be used in any situation even while driving in your car. Our Price just  WHAT CAN IT DO FOR YOU!! Do you suffer from any of the following, and find that it causes major upset in your normal everyday life. GENERAL ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, OCD, PHOBIAS ABOUT FLYING, SPIDERS, HEIGHTS OR INDEED ANY ISSUE WHICH CAUSES DISTRESS. PANIC ATTACKS SOCIAL PHOBIAS FEAR OF CROWDED PLACES. This method will address anything which makes you feel any of the afore mentioned issues. Its beautiful and fun to use and the relief can be felt right from the moment you begin to use it. In fact at first you wont believe just how simple this method is. After purchase we operate a full email support group to further your recovery and answer any questions that may arise. The email address is included with the package. Using Guardian release will create major changes in the way you think and perceive situations that previously caused you great distress. Nick James is a former member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, which was the Police service in Northern Ireland during its troubled times. He seen much trauma during this period and has been involved with research into the human mind over some 20 years, in particular the way in which prolonged stress and anxiety effects the central nervous system with all its underlying manifestations. He has treated people from all walks of life with many different mental conditions using this exact method with profound results. As a by product many phyical conditions have also shown either a marked improvement or a total recovery. While making no claims in this respect, it is worth mentioning that after releasing people from different kinds of mental issues, phyical ailments have without explanation started to improve dramatically or totally disappeared without reoccurance. This leads many to believe that many if not all phyical sicknesses have a foundation in mental stress and anxiety. Whatever your issue you owe it to yourself to just try it for yourself. You will be pleasantly pleased with the results. This method is simple but extremely powerful in exposing the mythe of nervous illness and negative emotions. Bonus CD Sexual Power Creator Increase your sex drive by many times over and the results are permanent!!!! This is a life changing method of releasing basically anything of a negative nature including ANGER FEAR JEALOUSY To name just a few. SIMPLE YET EXTREMELY POWERFUL AND WORKS TO INCREASE THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IN ANY AND ALL OF LIFES ISSUES.  


Remove stress and anxiety from your life permanently Release anger and improves relationships Boost your immune system for better health Increase your sexual desire and libido Correct erectile dysfunction and give you back sexual confidence In fact this method can improve your life in virtually every area of difficulty. Raise your level of happiness beyond belief and see the changes right from the moment you start using it. Release past traumas sometimes within minutes problems you thought were there for good can vanish instantly.This method whilst very simple is the result of many years of research into the human mind and how we perceive and process information. You will be surprised just how much of life’s problems are totally unreal. This method will expose them.What This Method Certainly is NotGuardian is certainly nothing to do with hypnosis. While recognising the many benefits of hypnosis it has many limitations especially if the person having it performed on is not in the right frame of mind.Guardian actually relies on the fact that your mind and the mind of others is totally different from one moment to the next.Guardian is not meditation, the benefits of which are powerful in themselves but can take many years of practise before seeing any real results. Guardian is powerful within minutes.It has nothing to do with any kind of medication of any sort but will work alongside any existing treatment you are currently taking.Guardian is totally safe and creates the most natural state of being for everyone. It can be fun to use and create a feeling of wellbeing that you have never experienced before.

You will take this method with you for the rest of your life and make it part of who you really are... a powerful, loving, wholesome human being living a life without negativity and stress. This method can help you achieve exactly what you always were in the first place.

Effect on Physical Illnesses and Ailments.While we make no claim to either cure or diagnose an illness, it’s worth mentioning here that over a period of two years I have personally seen people who have used this method, seemingly releasing on physical illnesses that would appear to have vanished completely without trace within a short time afterwards. I still have no explanation for this other than to suggest that we do indeed seem to hold on to illness with an emotional attachment. Spontaneous recovery has ranged from simple backache to the total disappearance of cysts from a 40 year old females ovaries, and total recovery within 45 minutes of releasing of the sciatica nerve.Obviously more research is needed here but the results I have witnessed are truly remarkable to say the least.My own belief after many years of doing this releasing, is that we all just might be attracting illnesses and ailments as a direct result of the internal stress that we carry around with us. Research in the United States would seem to suggest just that. In a recent study at a well known medical institute, it was found that as much as 95% of all illness was attributed to stress. With that in mind are we by releasing emotional turmoil actually laying the foundations of cure for all kinds all illness? In any case stress is bad for us which ever way you look at it, so releasing it has many benefits that we all already know about. Make no mistake, Guardian will cure you of all emotional issues permanently.Nothing works as fast and as natural. Change your life forever.TestimonialsIn July 2004 I started having severe pain in my lower abdomen which left me bent over and totally unable to move. After a few weeks I went to my local casualty department and after numerous tests was diagnosed with having multiple cysts on both my ovaries. I was told that if they continued to increase in size the only option was an operation to remove them, something which set me off it total panic. It was around this time that I talked to you in relation to the way my emotional state had taken a dive because of my condition, and you promised that after a very short session you could remove my emotional reaction to it. You set up the session and after thirty minutes or so of releasing, my fearful thoughts had vanished completely but something else happened which even surprised you. My pain was gone as well. Just two weeks later at my routine check up the doctor in the hospital conducted a scan which showed beyond doubt that my ovaries had returned to normal with no trace of the original condition.Even he could not believe what he was seeing and from that time I have been totally symptom free. As if that were not enough you decided to do a release on my arthritis which I had suffered from for over ten years. And days later I stopped my medication and one year on I am still symptom free. Thank You.Angela H, County AntrimI contracted pneumonia two years ago which left me on life support forover a week, and after that I was bedridden for a further five weeks, atwhich time the muscles in my legs had began to deteriorate. After anumber of sessions of therapy to regain them I was told that ultimatelyI was going to be left semi disabled for the rest of my life, and at fiftyone was left devastated at that thought. You suggested we try therelease and after just 45 minutes I could feel the strength returning.After another two sessions over that week my mobility had returned andI no longer rely on the walking stick that had become my closecompanion.Henry P, County AntrimAfter 22 years suffering from sciatica and being told that I had severenerve damage I am free of pain and lead a normal life after using therelease. Many Thanks.Dominic M, Belfast
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