Grachtenfahrt Amsterdam

Breathtaking views and photos
Traveling by private boat provides unique opportunities to capture delightful moments. You can capture historic bridges, floating flower markets and beautiful building facades that seem to rise straight out of the water. Our cruises provide the perfect setting to create beautiful photographs that will remind you of your unique experience.

The ability to customize your itinerary
Unlike traditional tourist excursions where the itinerary is predetermined, our cruises provide the opportunity to create a customized itinerary. Whether you want to enjoy a certain area for longer or see something specific, our captains are ready to customize an itinerary to suit your needs.

Environmental Responsibility
We pride ourselves on the fact that our cruises are operated in an environmentally responsible manner. Your private boats are equipped with the latest technology, minimizing your environmental impact. This way, you can enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam knowing that your adventure will not leave a negative footprint.

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Egelantiersgracht 18-c , Amsterdam, North Brabant, Netherlands, 1015
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