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Freden Legal Nurse Consulting

"Medical evidence can make or break your case. Be prepared for your day in court with help from Freden Legal Nurse Consulting. Combining meticulous legal services with the genuine care of a seasoned healthcare professional, Christina Freden — of Kasilof, AK—is a trusted teammate in the fight for your rights. From mass tort to sexual assault and domestic violence, she brings a perfectionist's eye to every case, wholeheartedly dedicating herself to defending the rights of every client who comes through her door.When you work with Freden Legal Nurse Consulting, youcan rest assured the expertise you receive is backed by experience you can trust. After more than 20 years serving theKasilof community in every aspect of the medical industry, the accomplished legal nurse consultant has acquired a wealth of knowledge, enabling her to support a wide range of cases. With experience in community health, veteran's affairs, internal medicine, surgery, and home health, she's able to understand the inner workings of everything from medical malpractice and workers' compensation to criminal investigations.Passionate about supporting victims of domestic violence, abuse, and sexual assault, she is also a certified forensic nurse examiner. While her career in forensicswas cut short by back surgery, she has turnedher skills and experience towardhelping these survivors fight for justice. With Freden Legal Nurse Consulting on your team, you not only get help in understanding medical jargon—you also get the insightof a qualified forensic specialist who will assess your case, interpret medical records, prepare expert witnesses, and provide expertise on the standard of care you received.When preparing for your day in court, have a friend in the medical business on your team. Call Freden Legal Nurse Consulting at (907) 252-2387 to schedule a consultation today. Visit their website to learn more about how this respected legal nurse consultant will support and fight for your rights."

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