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Fit NZ is a Wellsford-based and Christchurch-based distributor of kitchen and laundry storage technology. The Fit catalogue includes LED lighting, profiles, drawer and door systems, wardrobe solutions, even hardware and tools, along with their other kitchen solutions.

Fit partners with leading global designers and manufacturers, who are at the forefront of kitchen technology. All of Fit NZ's products have been comprehensively tested for durability and performance and are backed by a warranty which lasts as long as the cabinetry the product is installed into. Fit NZ has a robust team of around 20 full-time employees, with reps covering every area of New Zealand on a regular basis.

Fit NZ stocks a number of major home and living technology brands. Names like Salice, Tanova, Ambos and DOMUS LINE™ feature on their website. Their three cornerstone brands are Vauth-Sagel, Giamo and Harn, all leading kitchen storage product manufacturers.

Fit NZ's kitchen storage options range from wine storage, through to drawers and cabinet organisers, and all the way to larger installations, like pantries and under-bench storage units. Through Tanova, they also offer pull-out kitchen bins and laundry baskets, making them a comprehensive source for all the kitchen solutions a new homeowner needs.

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