5 tips and tricks for writing college essays
The early round submission deadlines have passed, which brings us to the next round of the college application season. As a senior, I'm preparing my regular decision (RD) applications and I completely agree that essay writing is the most challenging and creative part.
Not motivated to get started? Stuck on your second draft? It's too early to panic. Instead, read these 5 tips that I found useful when writing my own essays with freeessaywriters.net and can help you find a way out of senioritis and writer's block.
TIP 1 - Start writingEverything seems hard until you try. This message applies to scuba diving, baking, calculus homework and, unsurprisingly, college essays.
You have two options for starting the writing process:
FreewritingOutlinePersonally, I have used both strategies for different essays and, from experience, I think paper writer should choose according to your understanding of the topic and your state of mind. Does a volunteer experience come to mind when you read a text that asks you to write about community service? Do you lack ideas for an essay on 'why school'? Jot down ideas for an outline.
TIP 2 - Be personalKnow your audience. College essays are the most personal part of your application, so instead of seeing them as essays, I prefer to call them stories.
Admissions officers don't want to spend all day reading thousands of essays that start with an overview/thesis and end with a generalised conclusion that you should write my essay for me free. Therefore, you have the freedom and power to be as personal as you can. I suggest you treat admissions officers as your friends and not as your teachers, but really smart friends who you don't want to embarrass with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and convoluted ideas.

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