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At Essentia Environments we believe that beauty should not be a luxury available only to those select few lucky enough to be born with a platinum spoon, but to all as life’s basic necessity. Grace and elegance are not just sentiments to strive for, they are embodied in all the things around us. Knowing this we simply answer the inner calling of those who want to live artistically and in beautiful spaces that enhance the sense of being.

Essentia embodies global refinement and an indigenous design sense reflective of the contemporary & classic designs from the world of interiors. the creative calling of leading interior design duo Monica and Hardesh Chawla – Essentia Environments is India’s premier design and build company that also happens to be one of the most innovative. Mrs. & Mr. Chawla founded Essentia Environments in 1999 with the object of carrying out the business of interior design, turnkey execution, manufacturing and supplying furniture and home decor accessories to their discerning clients. for the last fifteen years, Monica & Hardesh have been designing and building dream spaces for their clients and have in the process redefined elegant luxury.

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