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Machinery is an important part of a vineyard. It helps with everything from planting to harvesting the grapes. There are many different types of machinery that can be used in a vineyard, depending on the size and type of vineyard. One of the most important pieces of Vineyard Machinery is the tractor. Tractors can be used for many tasks, such as plowing, tilling, and spraying pesticides and herbicides. They can also be used to haul equipment and grapes around the vineyard. Another important piece of machinery is the harvester. The harvester is used to harvest the grapes from the vines. There are many different types of harvesters, depending on the type of grape being harvested. There are also different types of harvesters for different sizes of vineyards.

The exact tasks performed by a Viticulture North Canterbury depend on their level of education and experience. For example, an owner-operator of a small vineyard may perform all of these tasks as well as sell his crop directly to local winemakers. Most viticulturists focus on growing the grapes and making the wine only if they own a winery, although some work at larger wineries where they may do many roles including vineyard management/sales; equipment maintenance; cellar work; racking; shipping; or public relations. At harvest time the viticulturist is responsible for picking grapes at their peak maturity level so that they are free from rot or other damage which would require the winemaker to use a post-fermentation process such as cold stabilization.

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