Dying Fetus have been a force to be reckoned with since their formation in 1991. Their ferocious music has seen them tour the world numerous times and is a staple in the metal scene.

The band continues to hone and refine their unique style that has set them apart from the rest of the genre. The relentless grindcore that they deliver is a perfect blend of high-speed tech rage and brutal lyrics. This makes them a favorite of many death metal fans, especially those who are into bands like Lamb of God and Avenged Sevenfold.

In 2000, the band continued to work with producer Steve Carr at Hit and Run Studios in Maryland and recorded their third album, Destroy the Opposition. This album featured even stronger political themes and songwriting that would greatly influence the "deathcore" scene in the years to come. The album also saw the departure of bassist Voyles and drummer Talley (who went on to form Misery Index). In response, vocalist John Gallagher recruited bassist Sean Beasley for the recording and touring of their fourth album, Stop at Nothing. This would prove to be a permanent lineup for the band as they have never looked back.

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