Crusader Safaris

Crusader Safaris offers true free-range hunting safaris to hunters worldwide, but the main focus is on US citizens. We have three very large free range conservancies, the Umkomaas Valley Conservancy, the Baviaansriver Conservancy and the Stormberg Mountains. There are no high fences and hunters get to hunt indigenous species in each of these conservancies. What sets us apart from the competition is that no one else offers a true free-range hunting experience in South Africa like Crusader Safaris. The trophy quality is superb as all animals are free-range. We have a huge selection of plains game in each region as well as big game hunting in selected regions. We also offer the opportunity for bow hunting and also the occasional bird hunting together with a free-range hunt. Our accommodation and camp set up in each region are also authentic and very comfortable. All animals that are trophy hunted have the rest of the animal donated to the local communities which help feed hundreds of people daily.

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