Crossroads Pharmacy opened in 2006 to provide residents with a wide range of medications and associated products. We value customer happiness in-store and online. The bulk of your queries concerning the treatment of different health disorders may be answered by our pharmacists and our healthcare expert, Dr. Marian Davis.


Dr. Davis also thoroughly examines our website's content to guarantee that it is constantly current and accurate. Together with regional and national service providers, we can guarantee that everyone in the community has easy access to comprehensive health and wellness management programs.


Sildenafil—Silagra—treats impotence. Releasing penile blood vessel muscles restores erections. Silagra works within 30–40 minutes and has a half-life of 4–5 hours. The tablet may work faster if taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Start with 50 mg and max out at 100 mg. Do not raise your dose unless your doctor tells you to. A glass of water or a similar non-alcoholic beverage is recommended while taking Silagra.

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