Our Montessori-inspired program treats each and every child as someone. Using everything from one on one teaching to music and group discussions, we marry a real sense of community with an interactive learning experience proven to arouse early cognitive development.  How we cultivate individual development that is such is also straightforward. The Montessori method for private and educational success is distinctive in its ability to meet the needs of developing kids. Unlike a regular day care center or kindergarten, learning environment and our curriculum was created to support positive social, cognitive, emotional, physical and creative stages of development.  We take your kid’s natural desire to research and investigate the planet around them, to put things as simply as possible, plus our teachers help kids learn through these day-to-day play and investigation experiences. This really is why we place a solid focus on making learning fun, entirely interactive, and socially orientated.
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9222 Keele Street, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, L4J 5A3
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