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Coulee Region Adult Day Center

"Coulee Region Adult Day Center serves its surrounding community by providing quality day care services for adults living with adisability. Located in Onalaska, WI, this one-of-a-kind facility has more than 17 years of experience catering to this groupas well as to the elderly.From special services including respite and in-home care andshower services tofun planned activities and outings, Coulee Region Adult Day Center devotes their staffand their resources to the development and care of your loved one. Activities could include board games, sidewalk chalk, or storytime depending on the season. They even have group homes to further provide for the needs of their residents. Also, they goabove and beyond many state standards by upholding a one-to-four ratio of caregivers toadults. This means that one staff member is responsible for fourpeople,allowing for more individualized attention for your loved one.If you're looking for a quality facilitythat will nurture critical thinking skills, keep loved onesengaged withtheir surroundings,and build ontheir foundation of knowledge, enlist the attentiveservices of Coulee Region Adult Day Center.You don't have to try and manage your loved one's care on your own. If you're ready to speak to one of Coulee Region Adult Day Center's qualified caregivers, call (740) 345-1278 today. You can also read more about their services by visiting them online."

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777 North Street, Sparta, Wisconsin, United States, 54656