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Clean Air Company offers various types of industrial dust collection equipment that is selected based on your process. Whether it’s silica dust, welding fume, nutraceutical dust, pharmaceutical dust, wood dust or paper dust we have a dust collector that will fit your needs. Our dust collection systems work for any industry as each is specifically designed based on the evaluation of manufacturing process and employee interaction with the process.We offer mist collectors, smog hog, cartridge collectors, bag house collectors, dust control booths, cyclones, portable collectors, shaker dust collectors, downdraft welding tables, wet dust collectors, high vacuum collectors and other types of industrial dust collectors. Call us now for a free site visit and evaluation in NJ and NY tri-state area.

As a company that provides filtration and ventilation systems in NY, NJ and the Tri-State area, Clean Air Company can evaluate your industrial ventilation design as well as help you maintain clean air in your workplace. From duct collectors, air cleaners, mist collectors, vehicle exhaust systems to extraction arms and more, we help you stay compliant to the various legal regulations and protect the health of your employees. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.

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