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It is a fact of living in the 21st century that we have less time to spend doing the things we love than ever before. A long workday and busy schedule leaves you exhausted and doesn't always allow you to spend as much time with your canine friend as you'd like. Dogs are extremely social creatures that require a lot of attention. If you spend time just observing dogs play, you will quickly learn how much fun multiple dogs can have running, romping and wrestling. It is great exercise and can burn off tons of excess energy. But is dog play more than just for fun? YES! Puppies and dogs will learn valuable communication and life lessons. They will also learn essential canine manners and social skills when in playgroups. Youngsters, adolescents, and even older canines can benefit from dog play and interaction. Never again will you have to worry about your dog being alone all day and how he may be entertaining himself. By the end of the day, we guarantee a tired, happy dog that can't wait till his or her next visit to City Dog!
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