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Cincinnati Certified Home Inspections

"Whether you're making an offer on your dream home or a fixer-upper you can't wait to transform, it's vital to hire an experienced home inspector who will ensure you're making a sound investment. For over 30 years, homeowners have trusted the Cincinnati Certified Home Inspections to conduct extensive property evaluations. The team provides service throughout Ohio's Butler, Clermont, Warren, and Hamilton counties.These experienced home inspectors studyevery aspect of your property to help you avoid costly surprises. The team examines everything from the home'sstructural integrity, roofing, electrical system, and plumbing, to its HVAC system and risk of developing mold and pest problems. They hold certifications fromASHI®and InterNACHI®, demonstrating their expertise as inspectors. These experts are also licensed and certified to perform radon measurements andresidential thermography to check for environmental hazards. Theygive both buyers and sellers detailed reports of their findings, so they can decide whether to proceed with the transaction.The company's commitment to providing an array of high-quality services earned them recognition as one of the top-rated teams on HomeAdvisor® for 2017.Homeowners and buyers alike will benefit from a thorough inspection, alerting them to potential problems that could be expensive to repair. Cincinnati Certified Home Inspections will examine the house to determine whether there are issuesthat could prevent a sale from being completed. To set up an appointment, call (513) 479-9068 today. Visit their website for more information about their services."

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