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Chet Holmes International has 65 training products selling all over the world. These products help companies grow faster, better and smarter.

In Today's Economy, YOU Need Every Advantage WE Offer...

Here are some sobering statistics: 95% of companies will never reach even $1 million in annual sales. If you've done that, you are in the top 5% of entrepreneurs and you are rare and to be congratulated.

For those of you who get that far, the remaining 95% won't ever make it to $5 million. And of those who get that far, 98% won't get to $10 million. Very, very few go from there to $100 million and beyond.

(Please note, these numbers were accurate during GOOD economic times.)

What makes the difference between thriving and barely surviving in any business, in any economic climate? Answer: It's not the product or service; it's the skills developed and applied by the company leadership. THAT is the key element.

With 30 years in the world of business, more than 20 of which have been at the top of the game, working for billionaires, selling services to more than 60 of the largest companies in the world and helping three companies grow to $100 million, we've learned what it takes to be a competent and confident builder of a successful and prosperous company.

At CHI we have the resources to help you master ALL the skills in ALL the key areas that will take your business to the next level and beyond.

Marketing methods from Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes can work true performance miracles for your business.

I've found that most business owners and managers are somewhat out of touch with the fundamentals of how to implement great marketing. I have some discomforting news that could, ironically, totally transform your business fate.

Despite the fact that engineering powerful, breakthrough marketing and sales programs must be your chief priority, you probably do very little with all the powerful concepts and strategies I've shared with you in the past. Invariably, if I sat you down right now and drilled you on the core material you've learned from me, I'd probably find you're doing about 2% to 10% implementation of the true potential, and that's costing you a fortune!

You may disagree, especially if you've had success in business or used a couple of my principles to reap a handsome windfall or two. You may even think you're a good marketer. You may not like to hear it, but I'll prove to you that you still have something important, no, make that critical, to learn before your business can begin to deliver the profits you deserve.

Despite what you might think about your business-building or strategic marketing ability, you're probably miles away from marketing greatness --- and you'll remain hopelessly off course until you recognize and fully acknowledge this simple fact:

Great marketers are made, not born.

It requires discipline, a precise system, and a highly strategic plan to really develop your personal marketing genius. If you want to grow your business like a weed, gain a decisive competitive advantage, attract new customers in droves, and double and redouble your profits --- then you need to open your mind to one overriding "big" idea:

My marketing methods can work true performance miracles for your business.

But you will never reap their rich rewards, unless you develop a systematic process to strategically implement them. The problem is that most people don't know how to implement a strategic marketing system. Do you? 

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