Centric is a global activewear brand established in New York in early 2018. We are a modern activewear company fueled by color, built on functionality, and engineered for high performance. Today it is our mission to help re?ect and inspire the moods and attitudes of the modern athlete across the globe through colorful self-expression. Our aim is to do color in innovative athletic wear better than anyone else.

To us, Centric means, “from the heart”. We pour our heart into everything we create for you. At Centric, we pay attention to the smallest details—from the ?ber in our fabrics to the stitching in every seam. Centric apparel is crafted to compliment your body so that you always look good and feel amazing. We strive to bridge the gap between quality, functionality, and aesthetics in activewear. Every Centric product is designed in-house in the US and is manufactured with high-quality, patented fabric technologies worldwide.

Hours Of Operation: 24/7

Payment Method: All Cards


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