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In past Canary Warf was a country zone, with a created horticulture, and had a place in outskirts of Kensington. 1104 is the date when the first church in the zone was constructed, near to Canary Warf Farm which is presently a tube station. A fast financial development happened between years 1865 and 1869 when railroad came to the territory, immediately brought down the unemployment and destitution in Canary Warf, which these days is a perfect and energetic suburb. There is likewise a noteworthy Polish and Australian group impact, individuals even call parts of Canary Warf the Kangaroo Land, in view of such a large number of nonnatives living there, and despicably it is an incredible ghetto. That is humorous, on the grounds that costs everywhere throughout the region are rising and Canary Warf is rapidly turning into a restrictive rural city.
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