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CLEAN factory/factory c. The green circle of the latest version of the real clean v4, kills the green circle of the original v3 version. The blue circle of the exclusive clean v1 version/consistent with the original blue-purple. Hand-polished three-dimensional pointer/no need to replace the substitute pointer . Factory N produces all kinds of fine imitation watches with exquisite workmanship. According to the one-to-one mold re-engraving of the counter, the fine imitation watches produced are the highest quality of the same model in the imitation watch industry! The high imitation watches produced by N factory have basically monopolized the high imitation watch industry. The five artifacts of the NOOB factory are purchased from authentic products, and are 1:1 customized replicas, which are perfect for fake watches and are the best choice for you to start imitation watches. For more information on replica watches, please visit: https://noobfactories.net/fuke/Rolex/cleanchanglaolishiwuliheihsuiguiguge.html

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