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Byer Steel

"Byer Steel is a customer-oriented scrap metalrecycling center and rebar mill in Cincinnati, providing industrial and retailcustomers with convenient, no-hassle recycling solutions. Since 1937, majorindustrial operations and individuals alike have turned to these professionals for all of their recycling needs. Their experience in the industryallows them to process a wide variety of metals and produce some of thehighest-quality steel rebar products on the market.Manufacturers, fabricators, demolition companies,and maintenance shops all benefit from Byer Steel's roll-offcontainer services, tailored to the size and level of activity at youroperation. They have many container sizes available, and promise a high levelof service and quick payment turnarounds.Unlike most retail metal recycling centers, whichlack customer service and cleanliness standards, Byer Steel providesa clean, well-maintained facility with drive-through recycling services andimmediate payment. They accept almost any type of metal, including brass,aluminum, steel, iron, and even lead at very competitive prices.In addition to their industry-leading recyclingprogram, Byer Steel is also the only domestic commercial producer of axle graderebar, made exclusively from recycled train axles. Their products are availablein a variety of shapes and strength grades, and can even be custom made to suitany application.Visit ByerSteelonlineto learn more about their products and services, or call513-948-0300now to discuss your needs today."

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200 W North Bend Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 45216