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Business Owners Worldwide, Inc.

Since 1980, I have provided asistance to business owners in manufacturing, service as well as retail and wholesale to, first, "failure-proof" their companies and then to embark on a plan to achieve accelerated, orderly growth.

To that end, my colleagues and I have spent over eight years sudying and researching management practices since Henry Ford's assembly line and Frederick Taylor's scientific management to re-engineering, balanced scorecard, lean production and six sigma.  We've focused on practical aspects of management principles, of particular interest and pertinent to the needs of companies with annual revnues of around 10 million dollars.

The result is QuadHepta or QH, a unique, proprietary process that allows business owners to complete a three-step process to conduct an exhaustive evaluation of thier operations, formulate a preliminary plan to action to achieve substantial improvements within a year, and then to identify gaps in the resources available and those that would be need to achieve planned goals.

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