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BRAUN Networks previously know as BRAUN MEDIA CONSULT has been founded in year 2000.

BRAUN Networks concentrates on the development search marketing optimized international dotcoms. For that purpose BRAUN Networks developed the Spectral Authoring System.

Spectral enables its users to create international dotcoms containing full blown webmail services, on top of dbmail a high scalable mailserver system able to handle more than one million email accounts with an ease, homepage builder modules, to enable your customers to create theire own homepages within your dotcom. Each of your user can weblog in you site. You can create forums, onlineshop sections, onlinemagazines, each of your users can create a media gallery where movies, mp3s and pictures can get stored.

There is support for an unlimited number of content databases included, which has to be seen in a way, that you are able to create a content management section for each of your different data types, having own database indexes for each language set in your system as well as the storage place in the datawarehouse can get defined freely.

Each of the content modules can keep a couple of hundert thousand categories. The system has been developed especially for the purpose to store more than a billion of documents. Compared to the BRAUN Networks Spectral Authoring System Wikipedia is just a joke.

The included content editor allows all of your employees to create high quality contents without knowledge of typography or office applications. Allready prepared content elements templates enables any user to create rich content media websites consisting of text, video, audio, tables, chart diagrams, link lists, content overview pages, media catalogs, question catalogs and many many other elements.

You can develop questionaires with an unlimited depth. Each answer in a question catalog can have a follow up question catalog, which causes the question catalogs to request informations user oriented and individual.

To make a Spectral driven Site market well, there is a marketing tool available in an spectral installation keeping 60.000 addresses of webkatalogs worldwide. A staff of two to five people can easely create 3000 backlinks a month with the tool by hand very simple.

The urls of a spectral driven website come along completely without queries complying to the google standard to websites, which mean, that the urls are self-explaining, like fx.

Metatags are generated automatically, html tags are used in a search engine friendly way.

No mod_rewrite is getting used, to no holes in the urls are appearing. You can simply remove url elements, without getting a 404 page.

Additionally for sure spectral is able to create sitemap files on keypress.

Passwords and significant informations are no longer stored in databases, so a hacker would find nothing neccessary there. If somebody would crash the search indexes for fast fulltext searches and stuff like that, via keypress the complete dataware house can get imported again into the database.

Spectral supports simplyfied chinese, arabic language, russian, french and all other charsets for content creation and full text searching. 

Spectral might be the best available system for building up international dotcoms in the world.

Ask for a demo user account. I would love to see you testing.


Sascha BraunCEO, BRAUN Networks


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