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Welcome to Preservation of Wealth

We offer AT-COST dealer-direct pricing on precious metal bullion. The price we pay as a dealer is the same price we provide our customers. Not only do our customers significantly save money on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion, they are provided the option of earning commission through our referral program. Precious metals are the hottest topic of this decade and POW offers metal at the best possible price.

 At POW we want to help our customers every step of the way by providing significant discounts on, not only precious metals, which is a secure way to protect yourself and your family, but also products and services that will assist in protecting your future.

It’s a scary world out there, so we built our company and benefits program with our customers' protection in mind. You’ll discover that our benefits provide peace of mind.

Our signature benefit is the ability to purchase metals and coins “At Cost” by eliminating the middle man AND mark ups.

We have several other benefits that can also help protect our customers. Our benefits include:

Legal Counsel and Services

Lifelock Identity Protection Services

Turnkey Gold & Silver Business Opportunity

Click on the links to the right for full details of our exciting benefits.  You’ll quickly discover that the protection received and the value of our benefits package FAR outweighs the annual cost.  

By helping our customers save money and protect themselves in so many ways, we are empowering them to “Create, Grow and Preserve” their wealth more than ever. www.preservationofwealth.net/gold911 


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