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Blue Matisse

Blue Matisse offers a celebration of complex flavors and fusion of Latin American cuisine artfully blended with a modern flair. French Artist Henri Matisse, leader of the French Fauvism movement, is a renowned painter whose major inspiration was the foundation of colors on a white canvas to express light. Matisse's art ultimately endorsed the value of mixing different colors in order to express modern art as a decorating instrument. The restaurant, Blue Matisse, is an expression of Matisse's art, creatively combining different flavors of diverse backgrounds in order to create a phenomenal Latin Fusion dish. Matisse is famous for using empty spaces as a contrast to make his works more direct and thus brighter. At Blue Matisse, Chef Munoz utilizes simple blank plates as a canvas to present unique edible creations. Blue Matisse is a must dine destination in Doral, Miami, making it the place to be.
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2505 NW 87th Ave., Doral, Florida, United States, 33172