BlockBlueLight is Australia's excellent supplier of blue and artificial light blocking products. After learning more about how artificial light past sundown has such a drastic impact on our sleep and health we went seeking devices and tools to let minimize the damage while still living with technology. We trial, test, experiment, and use everything we sell and have been researching light and the devices we sell for over 5 years now. Blocking blue light is a wee passion of ours! We are dedicated to supporting people to improve their sleep. Our team achieves this by enlightening about the harmful consequences of artificial blue light and extensively researching, designing, and manufacturing blue light blocking solutions. BlockBlueLight delivers the absolute most optimal science-backed blue light glasses and blue-blocking lighting solutions, focusing to alleviate digital eye strain, enhance sleep, and optimize health via mitigating the harmful impacts of artificial light.

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Unit 1, 16-18 Sedgwick Street, Smeaton Grange, New South Wales, Australia, 2567
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