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What makes some relationships work while others go down the gurgler faster than you can say "I'll call you"? Surely scientists, psychologists, experts, and relationship gurus have done enough research into the science of chemistry and working relationships to discover the holy grail as to why some work and others don't? Surely by now, we should be able to ditch that endless search for that someone with who we may or may not be compatible. Surely someone has figured out the mathematical equation behind who we'll click with and who we won't?

Sadly this doesn't seem to be the case. Instead, experts reckon that it all has something to do with opposites, even though they're not quite sure what it's all about.

Do opposites attract? Or do they repel? Is it better to date someone like ourselves, or someone that has never even heard of our favorite band, votes for a different political party, drives a motorbike, and hates to read?

If you picture a gag-worthy lovey-dovey couple, what often springs to mind is how similar they are to one another. Then there are those couples that are complete opposites of each other. One is the extrovert in the relationship and loves to talk in Alternatives for Bazoocam, is the life of the party, and has the world at their fingertips. The other has the personality of an ant, is barely audible over their partner's loud cackling, and prefers to stay in bed with a DVD than to hobnob with their partner's mates. Yet all differences aside, it appears they are hopelessly in love nonetheless. Bizarre? Indeed.

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