Barton Family Lawyers

Barton Family Lawyers is set out to create a family law firm which delivers more value to their clients through passion, innovation and thought leadership. Barton Family Lawyers recognises that the key to providing more value and to building an unstoppable team was to build around a group of dedicated and passionate Brisbane family lawyers. Our goal as family and child custody lawyers is to create an environment that is different from all the other family lawyers Brisbane has to offer.

Barton Family Lawyers are passionate about creating a team of compassionate custody lawyers to help with your unique situation to ensure that your personal consent order lawyer, will have an understanding of trust and care for each other. Our domestic assault lawyers pride themselves on providing a place where people feel safe and can be themselves. A place where people feel comfortable putting up their hand for their family law solicitors if they make a mistake. A place where people feel supported and empowered to put their best work into the hands of people who are in need of help whether it be for family court services, spousal maintenance, property settlements, superannuation splitting, a child support lawyer, or for other family court representation.

Our ultimate aim – to build a trusting team where our child relocation lawyer or divorce lawyer will provide a superior quality of family law mediation to our clients and support them through every step of their separation journey.

If you’re read to speak to a family lawyer who cares about you and your interests, call us on 07 3465 9332 and let our child abduction lawyer or BFA lawyer get you on the right track.

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