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Bard Brian Law Offices, PLLC

Bard Brian is a trusted, respected lawyer and founder of Bard Brian Law Offices, Pllc in Paducah, Kentucky. He has practiced law or served on the bench for over 30 years, and has extensive experience working with clients in many kinds of cases. In addition, Bard’s in-depth knowledge of the legal system comes from his having served as a Prosecutor, Public Advocate and District Judge. Bard Brian specializes in cases related to DUI, personal injury, criminal and family law. Contact him today to get him on your case.Bard represents clients who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits due to an illness or injury that makes it hard or impossible for them to work. He also protects the rights of clients in cases relating to DUI law, personal injury law, family law and also criminal law. In particular, Bard Brian is an expert in DUI law, since he has spent many years arguing DUI cases, and has handled thousands of cases.
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