Arab Termite and Pest Control of Cincinnati, Inc.

Arab Termite and Pest Control of Cincinnati, Inc. has been providing termite extermination, bedbug treatment, rodent removal, and numerous other exterminator services for more than eight decades. The locally owned and operated company uses the latest and most reliable pest control services to keep you, your family, your coworkers, and your customers safe from any bug problems or harmful chemicals.Ever since the company was formed in 1929, they have been dedicated to your well-being and bottom line. Safety is the highest priority for every job performed. Time-tested procedures are used for insect and rodent control, and all services are offered at affordable prices.Pest control treatment is performed in three steps. First, the team will locate evidence of infestation and thoroughly inspect your home or office to determine where the pests live. Once this is done, a customized treatment plan will be created that will remove any pests while ensuring that your family and your pets are kept safe. After the extermination has been completed, the team will schedule follow up appointments and recommend ways to prevent anymore unwanted pests from making their way into your life.There are a variety of pests that can cause trouble in your home, such as carpenter ants, fleas, termites, wasps, spiders, and more. You shouldn't have to share your home or office with these interlopers. Arab Termite and Pest Control will ensure that your building is free of any potential disease or contamination.Visit Arab Termite and Pest Control of Cincinnati, Inc. online or call (513) 385-3430 for to schedule an assessment.

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