Anton Jewellery Chadstone

ANTON Jewellery Chadstone is a trusted Melbourne favourite and renowned for its bold and bespoke design, exceptional customer service, and the finest quality craftsmanship.

Our ANTON diamonds are hand-selected for their magnificent qualities of brilliance, fire and scintillation. Sourced from all over the world, our talented team of gemologists and artisans carefully match each diamond to its unique design.

Inspired by the natural beauty of extraordinary diamonds and gemstones, each ANTON piece shares a story of passion and experience.

Our ANTON Collections are influenced by the brand's early years, with today's ANTON craftsmen and women adding a contemporary flair, to create the most captivating pieces that can only be ANTON.

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Shop 338 / 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone, Victoria, Australia, 3148
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