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Animal Damage Trapping & Construction

Rodents, birds, and other pests can cause serious problems if they decide to take up residence in your home or commercial building. Animal Damage Trapping and Construction, the most experienced and reliable animal control and wildlife removal specialist in Lincoln, NE, is here to help with these unwelcome tenants. Owner Ron Stetson, also a residential contractor and builder, does more than simply trap and catch animals for removal; as his website states, ""We build them out… Permanently.""It's quite simple for animals to enter your home, but Animal Damage Trapping and Construction find, catch, and remove them without issue. Once they have trapped and removed the pests, Ron's team will locate all possible reentry points and seal them off. They mount stainless steel covers to prevent chimney access and install roof guards to discourage unwelcome visitors. If you have a squirrel or raccoon problem, you need both a pest control expert and a construction company to resolve the issue permanently. Animal Damage Trapping and Construction fits the bill. In addition to expertise removing squirrels, raccoons, and bats, they are also certified bird specialists.Although the company is quite young, founded in 2016, owner Ron Stetson is a seasoned wildlife removal specialist who founded his first pest control company in 1983. Over the years, he has gained the experience and expertise required to solve even the most stubborn animal control problem. Whatever the animal and wherever the infestation, you can count on Animal Damage Trapping and Construction to identify the problem, remove the pests safely and humanely, clean up any droppings, and seal the building against reentry.Before you suffer costly lawn or property damage, contact Animal Damage Trapping and Construction to remove the pest and solve the problem. Visit them online to request a consultation or view location information. You can also call (402) 430-7041 to discuss your animal control problem with a friendly, experienced wildlife removal specialist.

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