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Serving MD, VA, DC, PA and DE for over 15 years!Free inspections, and reasonably priced remediation services for a variety of hazardous indoor pollutants, including:MoldAsbestosLeadSchedule your Free Inspection Today! Call 866-643-7722Mold is a Growing ConcernThe EPA estimates that most of us spend 90% of our time indoors, but we’re unaware of the health hazards created by indoor air pollutants in our homes or offices. MOLD is a very common and dangerous indoor air hazard, especially in Maryland and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic area. Can Mold really cause Health Problems? No Question!Mold’s adverse health effects should not be underestimated. Throughout this site we provide links to a myriad of government agencies and health organizations that warn of the hazards of mold exposure. Molds can cause health problems ranging from allergies to pulmonary aspergillosis, from skin rashes to life threatening infections. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “infants are particularly susceptible to the effects of inhaled mycotoxins because their lungs are growing very rapidly.” We do not mean to be alarmists, as most healthy full-grown individuals are not allergic to mold; however, the elderly, young children, people with suppressed immune systems (either from medical conditions or medications), and heart and cancer patients are highly vulnerable to mold infections. We Will Solve Your Mold Problem! Mold “Remediation” is much more than just cleaning up the mold. At American Mold & Restoration, we pride ourselves in following the strictest of industry protocols as defined by Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) and the (IICRC). Proper containment and removal of mold growth is essential to preventing further spread and contaminating air with mold spores or toxins. Mold contamination is a proven serious health risk and immediate removal is key. AMR’s effective and safe remediation means:The mold must be contained in the area it is in and not allowed to aerosolize and spread.The mold must be killed with biocides.The dead mold and spores must be removed from infected areas.The infected areas must be treated to protect against future mold infestations.Any source of moisture must be eliminated to prevent future mold growth.
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