Alexander Jarun

►2007 Electricplus Group of Companies Group Service Manager • Matzushita INC Panasonic, Pioneer, Nikon Service Center Manager ►2004 – 2006 ACNielsen – VNU (Cyprus) Ltd. BBFSU Operations Department, Operations Executive 5. Limassol Ave. Nicosia, Cyprus • Assisting General Managers Teams (GM) on budget controls and quality correlated aspects • Company Operations Executive for Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Belarus • Control of compliance of Legal, Financial, Labour and Administrative operations • Control of cost effectiveness of operations & proper employee workload • Reviewing key performance indicators KPI results for consistency • Supervising financial and administrative activities related to the implementation of the core budget and reviewing observation to budget limits • Managing & overseeing the coordination of logistical planning for field operations • Preparing budget calculation including LE and the annual budgets, introducing adjustments if necessary in line with company strategically defined developments and extraordinarily field operations • Providing to GM analysis on all countries operational status, issues, changes and trends • Assessing the capabilities, productivity and quality of technical assistance provided by countries regional managers and supervisors, evaluating their outcome/impact and making subsequent recommendations • Acting as Departmental focal point for the company managers in their requests for GM feedback on the development status, implementation quality and course of action for in-country programs • Support of Country Managers in their local representative offices operations • Coordinator between STATS- DMS- FIN- Accounting- IT- Field departments on country level • Control of field intelligence information gathering methodology compliance, standardization and quality of collation operations • Organizing and maintaining annual training plan and performance managing process PMP for each key employee • Proposing plans and participating in field controlling trips and follow-up tasks ►2001 – 2004 ACNielsen – AMER World Research (Cyprus Ltd.) IT Operations Department, Systems Administrator. 5. Limassol Ave. Nicosia, Cyprus • General technical ICT support team management. On-site maintenance/ repairs of hardware • Administration, operations control and maintenance of the Company Global Enterprise Network sites, including Cyprus satellite branches. Administration and maintenance of installed Global ICT Company Networks • Development, communication and administration of standards for general information system environment across the organization to ensure general use and common acceptance • Development of short and long-term strategies for network architecture. Development of plans for the entire IT organization based on the goals and related critical success factors of the corporation • Technical design and new implementation for Enterprise Network configuration. Development of local and wide area networks. Development of projects basic monitoring tools • Design, construction and implementation of the core information technology structure(s) • Design of network & information security. Base-line security analysis, User Groups and active directories management. Server Group SVC management • Pre and post-implementation audits of new installed systems • Risk management and decision taking support. • Running of daily and nightly batch cycles on all company servers. Analysis of data flows. • Centralized technical support of information technology departments. Review of the accuracy of system-generated calculations and information. Assurance of quality and consistency of all information technology related activities and tasks • Research and evaluation of available IT technologies. Information technology project management • Project decision taking and cost accounting support for all information technology functions. • Generation and maintenance of information technology departmental budgets. • Analysis and assignment of IT expenses to projects. Development of project budgets • Development, implementation and maintenance of contingency and backup plans including disaster recovery and business continuity plans • Monitoring and maintaining hardware and software supplier’s relationships, identification and selection of qualified hardware/software suppliers and products • Interface with public access carriers for the handling of networks • Coordination of ICT communication with procurement organizations ► 2000 Galatariotis Telecommunications Ltd. Senior Engineer / Technical Manager. 3. Limassol Ave. Nicosia, Cyprus General Technical Management of all technical activities, new installations, warranty and after warranty services of “Motorola”, “Matra-Nortel”, “LG”, “Panasonic”, “Samsung”, “Tadiran”, “ECI”, “PictureTel”, “ATIS”, HF SSB – analogue and digital terminals and ISDN equipment. PABX & PSTN interfaces installation. Technical management, installation and service of the “Motorola” Radio Communications Terminals. Day-to-day management of internal and external – International communications with suppliers and technical support of manufactures. Intelligence gathering, technical expertise and handling of information regarding supplied equipment, new technologies and main competitor’s developments. ► 1998 – 2000 General Electric (USA) Medical Systems. Field Engineer. 38. Santa Rosa, Nicosia, Cyprus Day-to-day Technical communications with GE Medical Systems (USA) HQ, GE Medical Systems Europe (Germany), (France), Middle East and African Regional technical support teams. General technical management of all technical activities, new installations, warranty and after-warranty service and troubleshooting of GE Ultrasound Electronic Equipment, Nuclear and Radioisotope and EMC-High Power Electronic equipment. Field Deployed Unit Hardware and software update and upgrade. Handling of technical documentation, manuals and all in-coming and out-going information. ► 1998 Cyprus Development Bank Ltd. International Satellite Project Advisor. 50. Arc. Makariou III Street, Nicosia, Cyprus Cyprus and Greece joint Satellite project “CyprusSat – HellasSat” technical analyst and advisor. Technical analyses of the existing satellites, theirs geographical position in orbit, transponders specification, application frequencies, up-link, down-link and footprint characteristics geographical position and frequency specification. Calculation of the future transponders frequency characteristics and co-ordination with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) HQ. International communication and information exchange. ► 1994 – 1997 CORAL 90 BAUGESELLSHAFT M.B.H. International Branch Business Manager. St. Petersburg & Moscow, Russia General business management, control of all business activities and enforcement of security and safety of International business communications, financial transactions and transportation of Company employees and properties. Day-to-day communications and coordination between company regional managers and Senior Executive Officers. ► 1993 – 1994 CORAL 90” – “Interhelp Oppilen” GMBH Chief Engineer ST. Petersburg, Russia Technical management of all Land, Mobile and Sea installed Radio HF-SSB and Satellite communication equipment. On-site inspection and hot installation management. Service of all the new telecommunication and telemetry units, including Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Fleet Management terminals. Service and safety control field equipment. Handling of all technical documentation and communications. ► 1987 – 1993 Ministry of Defense of Russia Senior Military Commanding Officer EDUCATION: DETAILS OF FULL-TIME EDUCATION: • Primary education | 1972 – 1978 | Primary School, East Germany Military Base in Leipzig • High School education | 1978 – 1980 | High School, East Germany Military Base in Dresden • Senior Secondary School | 1980 – 1982 | Senior Secondary Specialized Military School in Brest district (USSR) NOVOCHERKASSK ADVANCED MILITARY ACADEMY FOR COMMANDING OFFICERS, Russia. 1982 – 1987 (2 Degrees with Distinction) Degree with Distinction 1: Military Commanding Officer / Management Degree with Distinction 2: Management and Engineering of Radio Electronic, Troposphere and Satellite Communications. Coded and scrambled Communications. OPERATIONAL COMPETENCES: As part of Enterprise operational team I have developed good knowledge and experience of management, quality control of business operations, risk analysis, security situation analysis, alignment of corporate tasks with International Law’s and regulations. I have wide range practice in Information security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning on country operational level. • Large Scale Business Operations Control (Experienced) • Large Scale International Project Management (Experienced) • Acquisition of Business Key Performance Indicators (Experienced) • Business Geographical Expansion (Experienced) • New Product | Services launch (Experienced) • Company Rescue or turn around (Experienced) • Pre | Post Investment evaluation & audit (Experienced) • Budgets Planning & Controls (Experienced) • Business Intelligence & Analysis (Excellent) • Business Development (Excellent) • Acquisition of shadow management (Excellent) • Technical management | Engineering (Excellent) • Technologies to market (Excellent) • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity (Excellent) • Employee Performance & Utilization (Excellent) PERSONAL SKILLS: • Excellent Communication & Negotiations skills & capability to adapt to a variety of audiences, including Business Executives and Senior Board Members • Ability to efficiently manage multiple activities of varying complexity while under tight deadlines and high levels of stress • Excellent capability in problem solving | conflict resolution | negotiations • Strong work ethics with a true desire to succeed. Open-minded. Highly flexible and adaptable • Excellent team player at the same time as capable of working with minimal or no supervision Strong leadership, emotionally-intelligent management of human resources • Effective coaching, training and presentation skills. Good listener • Excellent abilities in planning | monitoring. Analytical thinking, result-oriented • Proven ability to coordinate business activities, resolve conflict and improve daily communication between different parties involved in complex situations • Commitment to extraordinary customer service and customer satisfaction SOCIAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES: During time of professional development I always has have been working in multinational multicultural environment and truly can say that I had absorbed best practices, communication skills, teamwork experience and spirits of the most respected Global Enterprises. I had been exposed to various business cultures in Far East, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa. I have good ability to become accustomed to multicultural environments and customs. I enjoy interaction with people in multicultural and multi-country environment. ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES: On different stages of my work I developed knowledge & skills of supervising, coordinating and administrating as large teams on Global International scale as well and small dedicated professional groups for specifically designed tasks. I am well organized, structured and mission oriented person. During time when I was performing duties of Operations Executive I have been professionally involved in aspects of Global business operations including corporate finance, budgeting, accounting, business operations standardization, analysis of workforce sufficiency, utilization and training controls. I have broad knowledge of Business Intelligence modeling tools, analysis and presentational skills. As Executive I did polished my vision of business conceptual model, process planning, communications and coordination skills on large International projects in multicultural, multinational teams. I am a good speaker in Russian, English and Greek languages. I was selected, trained and developed as team leader but I also enjoy good team work. I am great performer as under pressure as well and in freelance mode. TECHNICAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES: Along with my managerial and engineering degrees, as path of my continuous education and professional development, I had received advanced electronic, engineering and computer trainings in UK and Germany. During time of my technical management and engineering work with top leading technological companies I had trained and developed good technical language and ability to work with technical manuals, drawings and documentation. Furthermore I had developed expert computers and networking skills. COMPUTER SKILLS AND COMPETENCES: As former Enterprise Information Technology System Administrator professionally experienced in assembly, installation, support, diagnostic and preventive service maintenance of following: Operating Systems: Windows NT Server, Windows NT workstation, Windows NT Exchange Server, Windows 95,Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 Pro SP, Windows XP Pro SP, MS Office 98 SP MS Office 2000 Pro SP, MS Office XP Pro SP, MS Office 2003 Pro SP; Microsoft Servers Group, Microsoft Client PC/LT, Windows PDC | BDC (Domain Controllers), Windows 2000 Server (FTP), Windows 2000 Server (ISA), Windows 2000 Antivirus Corporate Server, Windows 2000 Print Server, Windows 2000 Exchange Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Domain Migration Tool NETWORK & HARDWARE: Engineering & network related designs. Working knowledge of networking & protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP). Setting up PDC | BDC, DNS, DHCP servers, Active Directory groups sharing rights & security setting. Installation, configuration & maintenance of Windows NT/2000 with Primary Domain Controller (PDC), Backup Domain Control (BDC), ILO-remote access. Configuration, management, maintenance of 10/100 Mbps manageable D-Link switches, routers, firewalls, LAN | WAN networks access points. Administration and management of user profiles and scripts. Centralized administration, accounts audit, and maintenance of system policies. Implementation of trust between Windows Domains. Monitoring System/Network performance and troubleshooting related problems. Daily, weekly & monthly remote backup operations. Centralized network data storage on HP Ultrium DLT autoloader. Test data for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity process. Global Network Exchange (mail) Server connectivity. Remote access & administration of user terminals. Encryption. LANGUAGES: Russian, English, Greek and German TRAINING: Further University Courses taken alongside degree requirements: • Central European Macroeconomic and Geopolitical Studies • Central European Microeconomic Studies • Political Economy • World Geography and basic Geopolitical Studies • Political parties and operations • Nuclear Chemistry and advanced chemical compositions • Nuclear Physic • Vector Physics and Engineering • Industrial and Engineering Drawing • Algebra, Advanced Mathematic and beginning of analysis • Vector Geometry and basic Trigonometry ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS AND COURSES: • UNDP & EU ICT Security Technologies (Cyprus – 2006) • Global Enterprise Advance Project Management (Cyprus – 2005) • Global Intelligence & Analysis (London – 2004) • Management and Administration of SQL Server (Cyprus – 2003) • Strategic Intelligence and Analysis (London – 2002) • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (Cyprus – 2001) • Management Skills (Cyprus – 2001) • Advanced Computer and Internet training (Cyprus – 1999) • Electronic Engineering training (London – 1998) • Advanced Engineering training (Düsseldorf – 1998)
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