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Adzima Funeral Home

"Family-run for over 100 years by four generations, the Adzima Funeral Home in Stratford, CT will always be here in your time of need to provide funeral services and arrangements for your loved ones.Dealing with a death in the family and planning a funeral is never easy, but the Adzima Funeral Home can help ease you through the process in a way that is both respectful and supportive.Whether you want to make preparations online or in person, their kind and attentive staff is on-call seven days a week, 24 hours a day to help you. Their services include body transportation, obituary writing, service scheduling, casket and urn purchase, and final burial or cremation of the deceased.If you are worried about the future and do not want to leave your relatives to make preparations for you, Adzima Funeral Home can also help you make pre-planning arrangements and create a burial trust for your own peace of mind. This way, if something unfortunate happens to you, your family won't have to encounter a financial crisis in addition to the personal burdens that accompany grieving.When a friend or family member passes and you want a way to commemorate their life, call the Adzima Funeral Home at (203) 375-2200.If you're interested in learning more about their services, Adzima Funeral Home invites you to also view theirwebsite for more information. When it comes to compassionate staff and elegant services, you can depend on them for the support you need."

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50 Paradise Green Pl., Stratford, Connecticut, United States, 06614