ADHD Foundation

The ADHD Foundation works diligently as direct makers of change on behalf of the ADHD community in Australia. We do this by contributing vital and accurate data generated from the precise needs of our community. Accurate data on ADHD informs policymakers to effect qualified change. We work collaboratively across the spectrum of ADHD and related government and non-government services, communities, and individuals to advocate and deliver researched, accurate and authentic messages on behalf of the ADHD community. The National ADHD Foundation Helpline provides those seeking knowledge, educational support, or referrals to medical practitioners with information that meets their circumstances. A portfolio of critical needs informs our work across the lifespan, mainly focussed on parents of tweens and teens, young adults, and seniors; however, we support everyone with ADHD in Australia. Our projects keep our sights firmly focussed on our founding vision and mission while contributing to better pathways for people seeking help for their ADHD. We believe that “everyone deserves a chance to shine” enjoy a stigma free world that provides equality of treatments and opportunities to experience optimal health and wellbeing that equals their personal goals and ambitions.

Contact Us
ADHD Foundation PO Box 22, Epping, New South Wales, Australia, 1710
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