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Outdoor advertising continues to be one of the fastest growing, and most effective forms of advertising for all sizes of companies in the Cyprus Market as well as worldwide. With Scrolling Displays and the Pisas (Euro Signs), outdoor advertising has been pushed to the forefront for many advertiser's strategies. Outdoor advertising is not only great because it cannot be turned off, it is great because it is the most cost effective media of all, with great impact! It does not only create continuity of a brand or message but it is the only type of media that has constant exposure. Billboards are viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by thousands of people.

Ad Board was launched in Cyprus in November 1999 as a one-stop shop for advertisers who recognize value for money and look for optimum exposure and high return on their marketing budget. On this basis, Ad board quickly became a leader in Outdoor advertising in Cyprus. Lead by an enthusiastic team of experts in media, it soon became the first company to offer complete or specialist media packages including Stadium coverage, with its unique giant screen and image rolling displays, at major sporting venues.

Following its achievement in Outdoor Advertising, within a few months Ad Board started its expansion into other media ventures with the launch of the first sports media company in Cyprus, Ad Sport Ltd.

In 2001, Ad Board made another leap by creating and unfolding the lucrative tourism media sector in Cyprus. Its first successful project was the launch of the Sun Times, the first English-language tourist newspaper on the island, followed by the Greek-language newspaper SOS Special Issue. Its unique partnership with EuroCypria Airlines to produce and promote their in-flight entertainment programme and magazine makes it the only company that can offer full access to the £2billion Cyprus tourism market. Ad Board prides itself on giving a truly professional and client orientated approach in Tourism Media.

Ad Board’s dynamic strategy is focused on high growth through innovative and creative media systems. Its success is reflected in a yearly sales growth of well over four hundred percent.

Its strength relies on the continuous strategic launch of new media products and on a sophisticated and experienced media sales and customer services team.

More importantly, Ad Board is here to ensure that clients spend their money wisely and are satisfied with the return on their investment. Ad Board is here to exceed expectations.

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