Embedded Corporate Banking with AccessPay

Embedded Corporate Banking seamlessly integrates finance applications with corporate banking services. Creating a unified set of data which empowers finance and treasury teams to optimise banking operations and make informed decisions with their cash.

Retail banking has evolved dramatically over the years. Embedded finance is now part of our everyday lives; from ordering and paying for a taxi through an app, to being able to view our spend and transfer money as easily as sending a text message.


Consumers have already experienced 4 waves of banking: starting in-branch, we moved to telephone banking and internet banking, before finally arriving at the embedded experience we have today. 


But corporate banking hasn’t caught up yet, we’re still stuck in the 3rd wave. Why? Because corporate banking is complex, it makes innovation much harder compared to modern retail banking. 


Businesses are evolving fast, and access to banking services needs to adapt with them to continue meeting their needs. 

AccessPay is leading the 4th wave of corporate banking, democratising access to financial services for businesses. We empower finance and treasury teams with access to technology that takes the complexity out of business banking; giving corporates the same experiences that we as consumers have come to expect in our day-to-day lives.


This solution will free up 10-30% of your finance team’s resource, tens of millions of working capital and will drastically reduce finance costs each year.


Forward-thinking leaders at ITV, Amnesty International UK and Imperial College London are already using this next generation automated banking technology.

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