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Auto repair mechanics are for those who want to work in the comfort of a shop. Auckland Mobile Mechanics, on the other hand, travel from place to place to provide their services. Both have pros and cons which you need to consider when choosing between them.First off, mobile mechanics are able to charge lower rates compared with an auto repair mechanic shop. This is because they don't have overhead costs like rent that the latter has. Mobile mechanics also save you money because your car doesn't need to be hoisted up by a lift or require space inside the garage.

Lastly, it's important that you check your mechanic's credentials before hiring him. Mobile Mechanics Auckland must be licensed and insured to provide their services legally while auto repair mechanics who run their own businesses should possess some business courses like Accounting 101 so they can stay profitable in this kind of industry.Mobile mechanics are ideal if you just need minor fixes on your vehicle or even an oil change while auto repair mechanics are better suited for bigger problems like transmission issues. When hiring mobile mechanics, be sure that he is reliable and has a good reputation in the field. Mobile mechanics who do not attend to their customers' cars may sometimes let them sit on the workshop for a long time, causing damage to your car's engine or under carriage.

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