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A-70 Veterinary Hospital

When illness or injury strikes your beloved family pet, it's important to act fastand take them to a veterinarian you can trust. At A-70 Veterinary Hospital, they are proud to offer excellent pet care services to families and animalsthroughoutWentzville, Josephville, and St. Charles, MO.Whether your pet needs a regular checkup or an emergency service, these knowledgeable veterinarians are trained to handles the needs of various animals, breeds, and sizes. Their services include check-ups, surgeries, heartworm prevention, dentistry, spaying, and neutering. They even offer affordable pet vaccinations. If your pet is suffering from fleas or ticks, A-70 Veterinary Hospital will design a personalized plan built to eliminate the problem quickly as well as keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe.When your four-legged friend needs care, treat them like the family they are and take them to A-70 Veterinary Hospital in Wentzville, MO. To speak with one of their experiencedveterinarians directly, call (636) 327-0841 today.

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12500 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Wentzville, Missouri, United States, 63385